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About Infinite Space

Infinite Space Theatre was founded in 2012 by actor/directors Steven Maddocks and Nick Hastings. Our innovative stagings embrace new writing as well as fresh productions of classic plays. Our mission is to encourage audiences to look at the world afresh – to think again.

We and those who work with us are united by a passionate belief in the transformative power of live theatre. A play is a magical thing; an enacted story that unites everyone involved – on stage, backstage and in the audience – on a two-hour journey together. What a profound, cathartic experience this can be! We want our audiences to leave the theatre altered by what they have witnessed – altered in the feelings, beliefs and assumptions they hold about humanity, about contemporary society and about our place in this world.

Our approach to theatre draws not only on our professional training but also our experience of other worlds, including education, psychology and literary publishing. Our emphasis in rehearsal and performance is always on the psychological truth that underlies the characters’ actions and interactions. As well as staging and co-producing full productions in a range of venues we hold occasional workshops.

It is our imagination – our good dreams as well as our bad ones – that can make us kings and queens of infinite space, even when we are bounded by a nutshell. We delight in the opportunity to invite our audiences to imagine themselves into the many worlds and lives we bring to life.