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Scapegoat by Ian Grant

St Stephen’s Islington, 8 – 10 December 2016

Scapegoat by Ian Grant

Produced by Creative Structure in association with Infinite Space Theatre.

Production photos
Cast and Crew

A struggling European government humiliates a detained female investment banker, blamed for the country’s debt crisis. The banker’s daughter, a charismatic democratic socialist, responds to the seedy overtures of the Governor of the Central Bank, frees her mother, gains political influence.

Austerity and refugees intensify the pressures on a shaky left-ish coalition government. The political/financial élite, (are they in touch with the neo-Nazis?), fights back. Does democracy survive? Are European democratic values deep-rooted? Do mother and daughter succeed?

A workshop production.

Thursday 8–Saturday 10 December 2016 at St Stephen’s Church, 17 Canonbury Road, N1 2DF